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This heavy-duty carbon steel paella pan from Valencian brand Vaello Campos is designed to achieve perfect ‘socarrat’, a Spanish term that refers to the crispy, toasted rice closest to the pan. This is because carbon steel is a hard-wearing material that can hold the high temperatures required to sear meat, vegetables, rice, and more perfectly—and it only gets better with time, thanks to a layer of seasoning that develops as you cook in it. (Read about how to season a carbon steel pan here.) You can use this pan on the barbecue or in the oven, as well as on any hob including induction. Though designed for paella, it can be used like you would a regular frying pan. 

Carbon steel is a unique material, and thus has specific needs for cleaning and maintenance.

Before the first use, you should wash the product well with soap and water; do not use scouring pads or abrasive products that may scratch the surface; dry it immediately and cover it with a layer of oilNot dishwasher safeNever leave the empty pan on heat for an extended periodWash, dry and cover with a layer of oil after each use; store in a cool, dry place

Vaello 38cm Paella Induction Pan

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