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There's no better accompaniment for a joint of roast beef than a crisp Yorkshire pudding (or two!). The MasterClass Non-Stick 4-Hole Yorkshire Pudding Tin takes the hassle out of cooking perfectly-formed puddings, thanks to its heavyweight carbon steel construction and class-leading Quantum II non-stick coating. The tin measures 24 cm (9½”) square, with four holes that are 10 cm (4”) wide and 2 cm (¾”) deep. This design ensures you end up with big, fluffy Yorkshire puddings that have plenty of room to rise and expand. You can also use it to bake individual sweet or savoury tarts. For your peace of mind, this pudding pan is covered by the MasterClass 20-year guarantee and a 5-year non-stick guarantee.

Dimensions: 24.000 x 24.000 x 2.000cm
Colour: Grey
Material: Steel
20 year guarantee

MasterClass Non-Stick 4 Hole Yorkshire Pudding Pan

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