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What is the secret to cooking the perfect pancake? Is it the wrist action for flipping? Cooking at the right temperature? Or how about a non-stick pan that won’t shred or tear your crepe? The cooking experts at MasterClass have thought long and hard about the problem, and have come up with a pan that delivers on all fronts. This rule-breaking cast aluminium pan is, they believe, a fool-proof way to get perfect pancakes every time. Thanks to its cast aluminium design, this pan is very strong but also extremely lightweight, so it’s just perfect for flipping. And because aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, it gets hot quickly and evenly, for that tell-tale ‘sizzle’ that you know will lead to a deliciously thin, golden crepe. As for the non-stick coating… Well, it has to be used to be believed. With two layers of an impressive, scratch resistant non-stick, this frying pan makes crepes that simply glide out. And with less oil needed when cooking, you can enjoy that breakfast pancake without the side order of guilt… Built to last, this crepe pan is covered by MasterClass' 10-year guarantee.

Dimensions: 28.000 x 49.500 x 8.000cm
Colour: Grey
Material: Aluminium
10 year guarantee

MasterClass Cast Aluminium 28cm Crepe Pan

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