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The refined design of this Tan Evanescent Scented Bouquet, created by Serge Rusak, has a contemporary feel. The glasswork has been reinterpreted with a multitude of delicately carved details for a sophisticated decorative touch. Its layered Tan colour and smoked glass effect bring undeniable charm to your interior. The Art-Deco appearance of this object is also found in the sumptuous diamond tips as well as its ring that is finely engraved with the patterns of the collection. The Tan Evanescence Scented Bouquet comes with a 200 ml fragrance refill. The notes of cardamom, incense and leather, joyously diffused by the 8 large-size sticks, will enchant you from the moment you enter the room. The Mystic Leather fragrance has a true olfactory power to transport you to a mysterious and captivating universe. It is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home, and you can enjoy it for several weeks.

Maison Berger Tan Evanescence Bouquet Gift Pack

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