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The White Tea Purity scented bouquet fits in with minimal interiors for a touch of elegant simplicity. The crystalline nature of the glass lets the light pass through, thus giving your room a more ethereal feel and a very contemporary look. Thanks to this discreet transparency, you can create a unique designer effect by contrasting it with the colours and materials of your choice. The rigid and cubic lines of the object gradually fade, making way for more roundness, softness and warmth. The silver-coloured reflections of the metal ring add a certain preciousness. This White Tea Purity scented bouquet creates a welcoming atmosphere, in particular thanks to the capillary action of its reeds. The zesty vivacity of bergamot blends with the aromas of white tea and enveloping white musk for a delicately refined moment. Once the container is empty and diffusion has stopped, don’t hesitate to refill it!

Maison Berger Pure White Tea Cube Diffuser

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