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Dreamed up by Serge Rusak, this Plum Molecule Lampe Berger Gift Pack is inspired by the brand’s emblematic models and highlights the classic codes for which it is known. Modernised by the designer, this object retains its original elegant look and its timeless soul. Its lacquered glass, with a lovely plum shading, will enhance your interior while adding character. The precise lines embellish the material. The curved or chiselled effects create a strong visual identity, along with the slightly indented silver-coloured mount. The decorative Plum Molecule Lampe Berger Gift Pack purifies and perfumes the atmosphere. Its floral Underneath the Magnolias fragrance offers a sensual olfactory journey, between the delicate captivating and precious freshness of Bulgarian rose, the majestic richness of jacaranda notes and the woody strength of patchouli.


  • This gift pack contains a Underneath the Magnolias gift refill 250ml

Maison Berger Plum Molecule Lampe Berger Gift Pack

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