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In a ballet of light and shadows, the delicately drawn leaf silkscreen on the transparent glass of this Leaves Glaçon Lamp Berger Gift Pack evokes the softness of stylized nature. It invites the serenity of the outdoors into your interior with subtle grace and a soothing presence.

The accompanying Zest of Verbena fragrance is a celebration of liveliness and elegance. The freshness of lime, citron, and a hint of pink pepper introduce a burst of freshness, while the heart of verbena, lavandin, and mint evokes the lush and soothing greenery of an herb garden. The soft, powdery base of grey amber and white musk wraps everything in a warm embrace, reflecting the naturalness and effervescence of freshly picked verbena.

This Leaves Glaçon Lamp Berger Gift Pack is a perfect choice for those looking to infuse their home with an atmosphere that is both refreshing and refined, reminiscent of sunny days and natural well-being.

Maison Berger- Leaves Lamp

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