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Add a touch of charm and refinement to your interior with this Holly Grey Moss Scented Bouquet. This elegant object, designed by Sylvie de France, offers the perfect combination of modern design and warm fragrances. The entire collection was designed in genuine continuity to offer you a homogeneous decorative range. Its nuanced moss grey colour endows it with a soft and soothing aesthetic. In fact, it perfectly complements the round shapes of this scented bouquet diffuser. It will blend harmoniously with every style, from the classic to the eclectic. The Holly Grey Moss Scented Bouquet is easy to use and can be placed anywhere. The sticks will gradually become impregnated with the Amber Powder fragrance and its notes of cinnamon, amber and balm. A intense and comforting warmth will envelop you while creating a welcoming atmosphere in your living spaces.

Maison Berger Holly Bouquet Gift Pack

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