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The Green Lilly Lamp Berger Gift Pack, designed by Sylvie de France, is a tribute to nature in all its wild splendor. With its gradients colour from water green to grey, this lamp evokes the freshness of the undergrowth and the vigor of natural landscapes.

The Wilderness fragrance is a woody and masculine accord, starting with fresh top notes of lime and grapefruit, mixed with the originality of tomato leaves. The heart of this powerful fragrance reveals patchouli and white birch wood, symbolizing a spirit of adventure and freedom. In the base notes, oakmoss and white birch bring a touch of robust and down-to-earth sensuality.

The Lilly Green Lamp Berger is a creation that combines the beauty of simplicity with a strong character, a decorative object that embodies a bold and poetic lifestyle.

Maison Berger- Green Lilly Lamp

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