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A tribute to vitality and joy, the Goji Berries Scented Bouquet embodies a dynamic olfactory expression in a bottle as clear as crystal. This discreet yet elegant piece is perfect for adding a touch of modernity and energy to any living space.

The accompanying Goji Berries fragrance is a celebration of the senses, offering a sparkling bouquet of citrus and fruity notes, balanced by floral softness and a warm, woody base. It's a fragrance that evokes optimism and freshness, with a personality that is both bold and welcoming.

With this scented bouquet, your home transforms into a space where each note creates an invigorating atmosphere, reminiscent of lush gardens and sun-drenched fruits, while bringing the serene sophistication typical of Maison Berger Paris.

Maison Berger- Goji Berries Cube Diffuser

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