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The Scandalous Plum Alpha Lampe Berger Gift Pack immediately gives an impression of power with its deep and intense colour. The silvertop contrasts with the rest of the lamp, while providing a touch of luxury to enhance your interior. Inspired by Olympian architecture, the design of the lamp body recalls the antique grooved columns, which we see in the regular vertical lines which are also included in the top. The fragrance Under the Olive Tree, will seduce you with its woody oud notes and Mediterranean olive tree fragrance, enhanced by patchouli notes. A perfect union to purify and perfume your home gracefully.


This gift pack contains a Under the Olive Tree gift refill


It all began when Maurice Berger, pharmacy dispenser, at the end of the 19th Century wanted to purify the air in hospital rooms via catalysis, which did not disguise odours, but actually destroyed them. The Lampe Berger was born. Propelled by the creativity of the era, Lampe Berger was promoted from the role of purifying the atmosphere to that of creating a mood. It was no longer just an efficient glass bottle, but an elegant excercise in style; it was no longer a matter of just purifying the air, but of diffusing delecate fragrances. Then, it came more of a lamp: no longer just a bottle, it also came a candle, a twig, a bouquet. It was in glass or porcelain, and then became wax and wood too. It was more; it is more than an object; it is a Maison, It is a Maison Berger Paris


Contains burner.


Disclaimer: this product will not eliminate Coronavirus from the air.

Maison Berger Alpha Lampe - Scandalous Plum Gift Pack

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