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This Honey Gourmand Lampe Berger Refill 500 ml was mainly crafted around the sweet scents of honey and aims to be nourishing, to make it through winter. This note conquers our hearts, especially when paired with orange blossom, which pleasantly reinforces its intensity. The fruity and even crunchy aromas of peach and green apple, sublimed with a subtle hint of almond, provide a little attractive and light fresh aspect. On the other hand, the vanilla caramel and woody sandalwood scents highlight the generosity of this olfactory composition. The Honey Gourmand Lampe Berger Refill 500 ml arouses envy and will no doubt be your favourite fragrance during the festive season! Appreciated for its round fragrance, it will cheer up and perfume your interior with its deliciously regressive scents. Deliciousness now reinvents itself as a fragrance and titillates even the most delicate noses. Thus, succumb to it without guilt, to purify your whole house with joy.

Maison Berger 500ml Honey Gourmand Refill

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