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The Rhubarb Radiance Bouquet Refill 200 ml imposes its fragrant style with its fruity and aromatic freshness. At the heart of this olfactory composition, rhubarb reveals its green and vegetal facets. The tangy and zesty scents of bitter orange and bergamot add colour to your interior. These energetic notes are then enhanced by the floral intensity of jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in a refined and authentic composition. Your senses, already charmed, will be enthralled by the velvety softness of white musk and the woody accords of cedar, ending on a delicate fragrant moment. This sparking Rhubarb Radiance Bouquet Refill 200 ml delivers original and bold scents. Refill your scented bouquet with the fragrance and let the sticks soak so that the fragrance can be diffused continuously by capillary action. This fragrance will bring you a breath of liberty and vitality.

Maison Berger 200ml Rhubarb Radiance Diffuser refill

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