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The Mystic Leather Lampe Berger Refill 1 Litre transforms the atmosphere to envelop you in a sensual and vibrant aura that is full of mystery. With every breath, a new facet of the fragrance reveals itself to you. This sensory escapade begins with a daring blend of black berries and cardamom. The intriguing alliance between these two ingredients creates a subtle balance between the cool fruity notes and the intensity of the spicy aromas. This olfactory palette spreads further with the incense and cumin as they blend with the delicately floral rose notes. The combination of patchouli and leather add an authentic and warm final note to this perfume. This Mystic Leather Lampe Berger Refill 1 Litre combines pleasantly fragrant moments with efficiently purified air. Once the solution is poured into your catalytic lamp, all you have to do is light it to enjoy all the benefits. Renew this ritual as often as you want!


Mystic Leather

This timeless, leathery fragrance is both tender and poetic, with a daring sensual edge. A particularly vibrant scent that begins with a sensation of freshness provided by cardamom, reinforced by a touch of incense. Thea heart is more floral. Styrax, with its leathery, warm and spicy scent, sublimates its trail, wrapped in Indonesian patchouli.

HEAD NOTES Blackberries, Cardamom

HEART NOTES Incense, Rose, Cumin

BASE NOTES Indonesian patchouli, Leather notes

    Maison Berger 1l Mystic Leather Fragrance Lamp Refill

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