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Pumpkin Praline The fragrance notes are as follows: Top: Pumpkin, Pecan, Star Anise, Nutmeg Mid: Pumpkin Puree, Cinnamon, Ginger Base: Condensed Milk, Maple, Vanilla An indulgent fragrance of pumpkin sweetened with maple and spiced with ginger and nutmeg. Ellipse Woodwick? Candles fill your home with sophisticated scents and a soft crackle from a natural wooden wick that Crackles as it Burns?. The distinctive crackle and long, dancing flame of Ellipse WoodWick? Candles is created by a patented HEARTHWICK? Flame. An indulgence for your senses, enjoy rich fragrance, a crackling wick and a stylish teardrop shaped glass vessel to recreate the refined glow of a fireplace in any room in your home.


WoodWick-Pumpkin Praline Ellipse Candle

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