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Stellar Rocktanium Grill Pan SP56


The Great British Barbecue can often be a wash out- but with this hardwearing Rocktanium Grill Pan you can enjoy a taste and look of a barbecued meal indoors with it's ridged surface creating the char you get with a barbie! Fish Vegetables Meat and Fruit all take on that characteristic smoky flavour and look appetising when cooked in a grill such as this.


The 'Quantanium' cooking surface combines the best qualities of ceramic coat non-stick with the added Titanium element for exceptional release ability, it's safe and strong and able to withstand even metal utensil use.


Suitable for all hob types including the increasingly popular Induction hob, it's a fantastic addition to your Rocktanium pans, or indeed any pans you might currently own!

Stellar Rocktanium Grill Pan

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