Stasher Half Gallon 1.92L Storage Bag - Clear

Stasher Half Gallon 1.92L Storage Bag - Clear


The Shasher Bag!



The radically functional platinum-silicone storage bag you can cook in, that's better for you and the planet. 


Endlessly useful, reusable, and non-toxic, plastic free, Stasher bags end the tyranny of lids with their patented Pinch-Loc™ seal and compact design.


Microwave safe - cook or defrost safely with seal open to vent.

Dishwasher safe - place on top or bottom rack.

Fridge friendly - Chill or freeze leftovers and meal prep easily.

Oven strong - place on oven-safe tray with seal open; up to 200degC

Sous Vide Ready - lock in stovetop flavour, just seal tight before sealing

Free from BPA and BPS

Complies with European Food-Grade Standards


Size 22cm x 25cm x 1cm

Capacity 1.92L