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This MasterClass Non-Stick Round Sandwich Tin With Loose Base helps you to achieve beautifully rounded sandwich sponges that are sure to go down a treat. It's manufactured using the highest quality, heavyweight carbon steel, and features the outstanding Quantum II non-stick coating. So you can rely on it to deliver great results and hassle-free baking, again and again. The sandwich pan measures 20 cm (8”) in diameter, with a 3.5 cm (1½”) depth. With its perfectly round shape, and moderate size and depth, this versatile pan is also ideal for baking pies and quiches to share with the family. With the help of its loose base, you can push your freshly baked creation out of the pan with one delicate push. Quantum II ensures no batter or pastry sticks to the surface, so your cakes, quiches and pies come out in perfect shape. For your peace of mind, this sandwich pan is covered by MasterClass' 20-year guarantee and a 5-year non-stick guarantee.

MasterClass Non-Stick 20cm Loose Base Sandwich Pan

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