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This MasterClass Non-Stick Quick-Release Springform Cake Tin with Loose Base takes the hassle out of baking perfectly formed little sponge and fruit cakes. Made of commercial-grade carbon steel with a reinforced non-stick coating, it’s designed to provide great results again and again. The cake pan measures 15 cm (6”) across, and 7 cm (3”) deep. This makes it ideal for small sponge and fruit cakes, and it’s also fantastic for baking cheesecakes, or top tiers for wedding cakes. A MasterClass in Quality Built to be robust enough for daily use, this small springform cake tin is made from commercial-grade 1 mm-thick carbon steel. What’s more, it’s been through a special electroplating process to help reduce corrosion. With proper care, this means no rusting, no flaking and no warping for years – guaranteed. It comes covered by MasterClass’s 20-year guarantee and 5-year non-stick guarantee. Quantum II Non-Stick Technology With a quick-release springform clasp and state-of-the-art Quantum II non-stick coating, it’s easy to remove cakes once they’re baked. These technologies work together to reduce the chance of damaged bakes, or pesky baked-on bits. Quantum II is designed to outlast all conventional non-stick coatings. To make it even more durable, it’s reinforced with ceramic materials, and the pan is sandblasted to help the non-stick materials adhere to its surface. What’s more, the pan features not one, but two layers of Quantum II! When it comes to remove your cake, simply pull the springform clasp and your cake will pop out in one perfect piece. More Features – Quantum II non-stick coating uses silicone – never PTFE, PFOA or BPA chemicals – Fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe – Really easy to clean – Heat safe up to 220 degrees Celsius (428 degrees Fahrenheit) – Includes MasterClass's 20 year guarantee, as well as a 5 year non-stick guarantee The MasterClass Bakeware Collection MasterClass makes the exceptional achievable in the kitchen, on a daily basis. The premium collection includes more than 600 deluxe kitchen tools, gadgets, knives and accessories, as well as its award-winning bakeware ranges. This cake pan is just one of the many products featured in the award-winning MasterClass Bakeware collection. Its springform cake tins are available in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for creating tiered celebration cakes. Each one is clearly marked with its size for quick and easy recognition. Why not combine this tin with MasterClass's 11 cm (KCMCHB68), 18 cm (KCMCHB63), 20 cm (KCMCHB19) 23 cm (KCMCHB10), 25 cm (KCMCHB44) or 30 cm (KCMCHB45) pans?

MasterClass Non-Stick 15cm Loose Base Spring Form Cake Pan

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