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A revolutionary alternative to those bulky pots, MasterClass' Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish boasts outstanding performance, while being surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle. In fact, it has all the benefits of cast iron, without the hefty weight or price tag. Designed with durability in mind, the sky blue casserole pot is made from high-grade aluminium and is reinforced by a double scratch-proof layer that acts as a non-stick too. As aluminium is an excellent heat conductor that cooks food quickly and evenly, you can easily prepare all those comfort foods that we all enjoy eating at home. Cook hearty beef stews, spicy curries or Moroccan tagines on the hob, including induction, or put it in your oven if you need to. The large 5l casserole dish features an ergonomic knob and two handles to make it easier to move the pot from stovetop to oven and includes a self-basting lid to retain all those flavourful liquids and juices. Right after serving and enjoying your meal, cleaning won’t be a hassle, as you can simply rinse it with warm water or pop it in the dishwasher for good-as-new results. Originally just black, now you can choose any colour within the rainbow, so you can suit your kitchen or your mood. From the soft floral shades of lavender and mint green to bolder colours such as metallic blue, hunter green and grey ombre there is plenty to choose from. Still nothing for you? Joining the ranks are also red, cream and blue sky colours. Select from 2.5L (4.5 pints, 85 fl oz), 4L (7 pints, 135 fl oz) or 5L (8.5 pints, 169 fl oz) pots and build your own cookware set. This blue casserole dish is made to last, so MasterClass is extremely confident in offering a Lifetime Guarantee with Five Year Non-Stick Guarantee. Buy once, buy smart!

SIZE:37.200 x 29.000 x 14.500
CARE AND USE:Dishwasher safe

MasterClass Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish, 5L- Pastel Blue

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