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Saves space, saves time… What’s not to love about this handy breakfast skillet from MasterClass? Made from long-lasting cast aluminium, with a specially designed steel induction base, it spreads heat quickly and evenly, enabling tasty food – fast. Struggling in a small kitchen? Camper or a caravan hobbyist? Don’t go without your favourite full English. Now you can cook a whole breakfast on just one hob. What’ll you choose for the three sections in your pan? Imagine the smell of bacon or sausages sizzling in the griddle section, accompanied by an indulgent slice of fried bread. Picture eggs, fried just the way you like them in the spacious side section, with a portion of juicy sliced tomatoes beside them... Looking for healthier options? You’ll love the double non-stick coating. As well as offering incredible scratch resistance, it means you can fry using less oil (or even none at all). A real cookware revolution! This divided grill pan comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Dimensions: 32.000 x 49.500 x 8.000cm
Colour: Grey
Material: Aluminium
25 year guarantee

MasterClass Cast Aluminium Three Section Grill Pan

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