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The Jonathan Adler Mrs. Lamp Gift Pack with its representation of the lips of Dali’s lover and muse, Misia Sert, is aesthetic and contemporary. Black and white, symbolising darkness and light, contrast and complement each other, just like man and woman, or yin and yang. The 250ml Citrus Breeze fragrance included in this pack is fruity, zesty and sparkling with the citrus aroma of grapefruit, the spicy notes of pink pepper and the woody tones of vetiver. This slightly vintage, energetic and feminine fragrance will entice you in. An exclusivity signed Maison Berger Paris for the designer Jonathan Adler.


    This gift pack contains a 500ml Imperial Green Tea gift refill and burner.

      Maison Berger x Jonathan Adler 'Mrs' Fragrance Lampe

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