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As a continuation of the collection, designer Serge Rusak proposes this highly remarkable Underneath the Magnolias Molecule technical car diffuser. The metal worked into a floral motif and the wave effect on the edge of the object, which recalls the shape of petals, is very well done. This stylised corolla has a floral fragrance at its heart which is sensuously diffused in your car. A sliding shutter allows you to control the diffusion of the fragrance as you wish. Once opened, you can fully enjoy the olfactory composition, or conversely, you can shut it to stop diffusion. The Underneath the Magnolias Molecule technical car diffuser works with a scented ceramic at a moderate intensity of 3 out of 5. The precious notes of Bulgarian rose blend with the enchanting richness of jacaranda and the chypre scents of patchouli, forming an aerial ballet of provocative elegance that will seduce you.

Maison Berger -Underneath the Magnolias Car Diffuser

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