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The Underneath the Magnolias Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre will charm you with its floral scents. Delicate and incredibly feminine Bulgarian rose lends a voluptuous olfactory signature. Its naturalness and freshness are awakened on contact with a lemon top note. A flight full of promise continues with the honey-sweet scent of blue jacaranda combined with accords of black jasmine and resolutely sensual Arabian rose. The composition then becomes more contrasted, marked and warm with its woody patchouli base, complemented with a touch of amber and musk. Captivating and provocative, this Underneath the Magnolias Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre will illuminate your room with its aura. Travel to the heart of a floral garden, where poetic alchemy exquisitely operates. The aromas diffuse in abundance through the home thanks to the catalytic lamp, purifying and perfuming each of your living spaces.


PERFUMEUnderneath the Magnolias

Somewhere between sensuality and provocation lies a floral chypre with fruity and sensual overtones. Feminine and pleasure-seeking, the perfume deploys like an invitation to travel, a series of floral notes that come from a remarkable balance between rose petals, black jasmine, amber and patchouli. The delicate blue flowers of the jacaranda tree sway gently like an elegant dance, enrobed in a distracting veil of musk.


Bulgarian Rose, Lemon


Rose of Arabia, Blue Jacaranda, Black Jasmine


Patchouli, Amber, Musk

    Maison Berger Under the Magnolias Lampe Berger Refill 1 litre

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