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The Mystic Leather Scented Bouquet embodies the encounter between the mystery of leather and the sensuality of spices. Cardamom seduces you with its fragrant and powerfully intoxicating scent. At the heart of this fragrance, the incense reveals itself in a troubling way and captivates your senses. The overall effect is enveloped in notes of leather, with timeless charm. This home fragrance is a real olfactory treasure with vibrant associations. Deeply captivating, this Mystic Leather Scented Bouquet is just as elegant. Its clear glass, ice cube-shaped container is in contrast to its warm fragrance. Its design has clean lines to enhance your decoration, reflecting the purity and beauty of this olfactory creation. The fragrance diffuses into the surrounding air in an optimal and lasting way using several reeds. This functional object is also refillable, for multiple fragrant pleasures!

Maison Berger Mystic Leather Cube Diffuser

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