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The adjustable Evanescence Car Diffuser is a true travel companion that offers you unexpected enjoyment every time you get behind the wheel! It black and iridescent silver colour bestows a certain elegance, as do the triangular geometric patterns that are truly contemporary. It will easily match the inside of your car. Thanks to its patented shutter, you can also easily modulate the intensity of diffusion according to your preferences and create a subtle or more intense atmosphere. It is practical too, with its clever fixing system. Once it is attached to the air vents of your vehicle, you are guaranteed to enjoy even and continuous fragrance diffusion. Aesthetically pleasing, this adjustable Evanescence car diffuser delivers the captivating Mystic Leather fragrance in addition to a sophisticated touch of design. Composed of cardamom, incense and leather notes, it awakens the senses and transports you to a captivating universe. It certainly has character, and this perfume will accompany you over time with moderate intensity, present without being invasive.

Maison Berger -Mystic Leather Car Diffuser

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