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The Lampe Berger Dolce Gift Pack invites you to seize the present moment and fully enjoy the summer season! Its very natural, but also muted and fresh green colour brightens up your interior. Its round spiral shape gives your room a designer element, reinforced by the twisted patterns on the glass which add modernity to the whole, breaking the rigidity of the straight lines of the silver mounting. The radiant freshness of its Zest of Green Orange fragrance with its colourful scents completes this luminous atmosphere. Hop on your bike and set off on a ride through the heart of the Tuscan countryside with the Lampe Berger Dolce Gift Pack. The tangy and sparkling notes of green orange combine with the silky floral scents of orange blossom and the enveloping scents of musk. Let this fragrant caress transport you on a serene and gentle excursion.

Maison Berger Dolce Lampe

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