Maison Berger Candle - Exquisite Sparkle

Maison Berger Candle - Exquisite Sparkle


The Cercle candle and Exquisite Sparkle fragrance with its transparent plum colour and golden bursts provides simplicity and warmth to your interior. The Exquisite Sparkle fragrance promises a real firework display of scents with citrusy grapefruit, woody patchouli and a few sparkling notes. Make the most of a shimmering scented interlude!


  • 100% natural botanical and vegan wax, without GMOs, for cleaner burning
  • Cotton wick specifically plaited for the format of the candle and its fragrance
  • Green and sustainable artisanal manufacturing
  • Fragrances created by French master perfumers, solid-poured to ensure controlled and even burning


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