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The Radiant Bergamot Bouquet Refill 200 ml releases a zesty and refreshing fragrance. The notes of mandarin are sparkling, tangy and joyful, and blend wonderfully with a bergamot heart. Orange blossom adds intensity to this citrus flight. Spicy scents such as cardamom, black pepper and coriander also enhance this olfactory composition. They add character while retaining this spirit of elegant lightness. This Radiant Bergamot Bouquet Refill 200 ml is irresistibly sunny and brings a touch of summer into your home. Travel to Calabria, a region of Italy with wild beauty, where the quintessence of bergamot is fully expressed! Just pour the scented solution into your reed fragrance diffuser. The soaked reeds will then allow you to enjoy the atmosphere to the full, without complication. This fragrance will quickly and undoubtedly gain your approval.

Maison Berger 200ml Radiant Bergamot Diffuser refill

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