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The Land of Spices Bouquet Refill 200 ml opens on a spicy duo of pink pepper and saffron, underlined by the powerful woody scents of incense. This sophisticated amber fragrance is accompanied by the suave and velvety accord of suede, with a top note of spicy clove. At the heart, the intense floral trail of black rose becomes more incisive in contact with certain accords and reveals many of its facets thanks to the meeting between plum and cinnamon. The olfactory composition then evolves towards a woody patchouli base with a musky accent that envelops you. This Land of Spices Bouquet Refill 200 ml highlights various precious scents from around the world. To enter this shimmering and mouth-watering universe, just pour the solution into a scented bouquet (any). Now it’s refilled and ready to take you on a journey!

Maison Berger 200ml Land of Spices Diffuser refill

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