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Cook meat, fish or vegetables with little-to-no fat using our Toughened Non-Stick rectangular grill pan. The ribbed bottom drains juice and fat away from your food, as well as giving you those characteristic "grill lines'.


  • Grilling Grooves: create authentic grill strips for great-looking food.

  • Our best-ever non-stick: tested, trusted and guaranteed for life, our non-stick is now 4x stronger. (It's been independently laboratory tested for metal utensil abrasion resistance.)

  • Even heat: its construction helps conduct heat fast and evenly, ideal for preparing quick and tasty meals. You'll only need to cook at low or medium temperature for great results.

  • Healthy cooking, easy cleaning: our non-stick coating, both inside and outside, minimises the need for oil and ensures easy cleaning.

  • Stays in shape: our Toughened Non-Stick collection has a strong and robust finish, capable of withstanding daily use.

  • Layers of strength: we have reinforced the three non-stick layers, and crafted them to last for years to come.



41 cm


25.8 cm


8.08 cm


7.55 cm

Le Creuset TNS Rectangular Ribbed Grill

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