Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Grill - Coastal Blue

Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Grill - Coastal Blue


All the flavour of an outdoor grill, from the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you’re cooking chicken, steaks, fish or vegetables, this cast iron griddle pan has your back. It heats evenly for spectacular results, separates food and fat, and delivers those must-have char lines.


  • Quick cleanup: an enamel interior helps make light work of cleaning.

  • A real workhorse: fit for the oven, hob, induction or under the grill.

  • Great tasting food: the cast iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning. Your delicious creations will also stay warmer at the table for longer.

  • Grilling Grooves: create authentic grill strips for great-looking food.

  • Not too hot: cook with a steady, low to medium heat to take care of your cast iron and enjoy delicious results.

  • Ages gracefully: the enamel interior develops a natural patina that will behave like a non-stick surface. Its finish also has great food release properties with less seasoning required. Clean the product only with water so that the patina can be developed.


Length: 30.7 cm

Width: 25.3 cm

Height: 3.1 cm

Depth: 2 cm