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  • Use more fresh fruits and vegetables, create zoodles and noodles of every caboodle with this handy dandy accessory that works with all kitchenaid stand mixers
  • Flexibility is key with this attachment allowing you to replace carb laden products with fresh healthy vegetable alternatives in a variety of styles, 
  • Fast hands-free results Experience hands-free results as the mixer quickly powers through the fruit or vegetable of your choice
  • Durable long lasting performance Premium metal construction provides durable long lasting performance

Be creative, be healthy: add more vegetables to your diet every day and explore new ways to cook them

Reinvent your classic meals!

From substituting pasta with your healthier choice options, and even the odd naughty treat- as seen on Nigella- an ideal way to create home made Curly fries! Reinterpret snacks and sweet dishes: the KitchenAid Spiralizer can make healthy and beautiful food  from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

You can use this tool everyday: it will help you to find an easy and innovative way to going gluten free, or to use veggies instead of carbs.

Kitchenaid Vegetable Spiralizer

£99.00 Regular Price
£49.50Sale Price