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The Frosted Spiral Lampe Berger Gift Pack is brilliant white and its purity alone will illuminate the room. The twists on the body of the catalytic lamp add a spin to its somewhat classic, rounded shape and give it a chic Bohemian feel. Its cool colour embraces the contours of the object, thus highlighting its curves. The discreet yet precious metal mount adds a brilliant silver colour and elegantly rounds off the whole. Purify and perfume the air with this Frosted Spiral Lampe Berger Gift Pack with the Ocean Breeze fragrance. This fresh sea-scented fragrance starts on a few marine notes, enveloped by the floral delicacy of rose and enhanced by a note of white musk, taking you on an unforgettable olfactory journey. Magnify your decoration and let yourself be carried away by this timeless olfactory composition, indomitable but so utterly necessary.


  • This gift pack contains a Ocean Breeze gift refill 250ml

Frosted Spiral Lampe Berger Gift Pack

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