Freckleface Soya Scented Tealights x12 -English Rose

Freckleface Soya Scented Tealights x12 -English Rose


Our tealights are handmade in our UK workshop, meaning we have complete control of the ingredients we use. Each tealight is vegan, paraffin-free and contains bespoke luxury fragrance based on the scent of nature.


Burn time:  Approximately 4 hours per tealight


Wax: our ethically sourced wax is paraffin-free and 100% vegan.  The natural wax delivers a consistent and clean burn throughout all of our products. 


Scent: English Rose - Fresh, floral, English garden. Reminiscent of crushing rose petals into perfume as a child. Fresh floral rose is perfect to calm your mind and balance your mood.


Packaging: recyclable and contains no plastic.


Wick: paraffin and lead free wick.  Handmade and straightened to ensure a central wick for a consistent burn. 


Weight: 18g per tealight


Dimensions: 2cm x 4cm per tealight