Emile Henry The Egg Nest -Clay

Emile Henry The Egg Nest -Clay


BAKE / In the oven, in the microwave, the Egg Nest was conceived to gently bake soft-cooked egg recipes — similar to coddled or poached eggs — allowing the flavours from the toppings to infuse.
A simple process:
1/ prepare the ingredients/toppings
2/ place them to the bottom part
3/ close the lid and bake Designed to cook 1 to 3 eggs as an individual portion, it may be used to prepare, bake and share a recipe as a dip.

SERVE / A dedicated utensil, the ‘Egg Nest’ goes directly from the oven to the table to serve hot your ‘egg en cocotte’, or to serve a soft-boiled egg with a side. With smooth lines and a bright glaze makes it an attractive piece of tableware


Dishwasher/Microwave /Oven/Freezer

Céramique Lead, cadmium and nickel free.
Length / Diameter:14 cm
Width :11 cm

Height :11.5 cm
Capacity 0,3 L