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With its stunningly long stems, and slender profile, Palazzo is as elegant as it is tall.Running vertically within the bowl of each piece is a wide, open optic, which not only brings shape and style to the range, but also lets in light in such a way as to show off the beautifully subtle, pearl coloured finish which adorns each glass from top to bottom.Palazzo, with its height, colour and style is a sophisticated collection, made up of flutes, wines, gins, champagne saucers and tumblers, all of which are gift boxed.

  • Elegant shaped glass with a pearl coloured finish
  • Wide, open optic running vertically on each bowl
  • Long stems, and slender profile
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Designed in the UK

    95 × 95 × 260 mm


    60 cl


    Clear, Pearl





    DRH Set of 2 Palazzo Wine Glasses

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