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Artland’s Set of 2 Fiesta Margarita Glasses fully embraces the colourful and the eclectic.
The design and colour on each glass differ, creating a wonderful ‘mix and match’ collection.
The decorations range from identifiable to abstract, though all sit perfectly together, working in tandem with the application of blues, yellows and ambers which run throughout.
The bright and brilliant colours are achieved with a mixture of various coloured stems paired with the electroplated bowls, which give them an amazing mirrored finish, both inside and out.

  • Amazing mirrored finish in ambers and blues, both inside and outside
  • Decorated with a beautiful pattern all the way around the bowl
  • Mouth blown glassware
  • Hand wash only
  • Designed in the UK

    120 × 120 × 190 mm


    50 cl


    Amber, Blue, Multi-coloured, Yellow





    DRH Set of 2 Fiesta Margarita Glasses