Dexam Icing Bag 20cm

Dexam Icing Bag 20cm


Do you get inspired watching the 'Bake off' contestants icing their baking so beautifully, and just want to give it a go? Our nylon icing bags are double stitched along the seams to prevent leakages. Ideal for the keen cake decorator to use with icing nozzles (you need to purchase these separately). Simply trim the point of the bag to the size you require and put in the icing nozzle, using a coupler to keep it in place.

Made from nylon with re-inforced stitching along the seams, this icing bag comes in several sizes from 20cm to 40cm long. It doesn't come with a connector (if you need one you'll need to purchase one separately).



Length: 20.5cm
Width: 13cm
Size: 20cm