Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro - Silver

Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro - Silver


The Cuisinart Mini Prep Pro gives you all the performance of a serious food processor, but in a compact and user friendly size - perfect if your kitchen is small or is bursting at the seams.


You can use it for everyday tasks like chopping onions and garlic as well as making breadcrumbs and grinding nuts. Why not try mixing your own dips and sauces like pesto and mayonnaise which taste delicious when made from scratch.


Its also great for blending small quantities like smoothies and baby foods.


  • High grade stainless steel blade and powerful motor for effortless performance and even results.
  • 250W AC Motor.
  • 900ml capacity – perfectly sized for smaller quantities.
  • Dual sided blade is sharp on one side for chopping tasks and blunt on the other for grinding tasks.
  • Blade rotates in both directions which helps to move ingredients around inside the bowl for even results.
  • Pulse operation for total control Compact and lightweight design
  • BladeLock™ system holds blade safely in place when pouring.
  • Drizzle holes in the processor lid for slowly adding liquids – ideal for mayonnaise.
  • Fully removable and dishwasher safe blade, lid and bowl for easy cleaning.
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