Cole & Mason Whole Star Anise


Eat our Whole Star Anise with a beef and ale stew. Wrap up a few whole star anise, cloves and cinnamon in some cheesecloth to make a little bundle. Then drop into a beef and ale stew while cooking, to infuse it with flavour. Take out the bag before serving.

Why not try spicing up cobblers and crumbles. You can use star anise just like you'd use aniseed, to spice up stewed fruits and sweet bakes. Try crushing some into a peach cobbler or apple crumble for extra warmth. It works just as well with spiced cakes and biscuits, too.



Star anise is native to China and Vietnam, and one of the key ingredients in Chinese five spice. They're actually the seed pods of the fruit of an evergreen tree in the magnolia family.

Despite being similar to aniseed, and often used in its place, the flavour of star anise is much more intense. Just one or two pods is enough to transform a whole dish.

In southeast Asia, it's mostly used with savoury dishes, like pork or duck. But since the 16th century it's also been popular in Europe to spice up stewed fruits and preserves.


Supplier: The Spice Company

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