Cole & Mason Szechuan Pepper


Eat our Szechuan Pepper with a roast duck. Rich, fatty foods like pork and duck go well with Szechuan pepper. Peking duck gets much of its flavour from Sichuan pepper. The heat and lemony aroma of the pepper bring out the richness of the duck.

Try giving a vegetable some bite. Dry fry green beans in Szechuan pepper, chilli and ginger. The heat and flavour of the spices transform the beans. Blend with star anise and ginger as a warm base for your noodle dishes – with a bit of bite.



Native to Szechuan, southwest China, this type of pepper has been used in cooking since the first millennium BC. Dried berries of the prickly ash tree are picked while still green, before being fermented and sun-dried. Because they resemble a star anise, they’re often called anise pepper. 


Supplier: The Spice Company

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