Cole & Mason Smoked Salt


Eat our Smoked Salt with a roast chicken. Rub smoked salt and black pepper into the skin and stuff the cavity with fresh woody herbs like rosemary or thyme before roasting, for a hint of woodsmoke.

Why not try smoking up cocktails. Wet the rim of your glass, then dip in smoked salt to add a smoky note to a margarita or an Old Fashioned. Or try making your own toffee apples with smoked salt, for a warming, autumnal feel.



Originally, people used smoke to preserve meat and fish. In the days before fridges, it was one of the few ways to make meat and fish last through the winter. These days, we just like the taste.

But smoking can be a messy affair. We smoke our salt over wood chips until they absorb the flavour, so you can just sprinkle it on.


Supplier: The Spice Company

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