Cole & Mason Ras El Hanout Seasoning Blend


Eat our Ras el Hanout blend with a chicken dish. Ras el hanout is commonly used in tagines, but it works for quicker meals too. Use olive oil to turn the blend into a marinade. Then work into some chicken thighs and cook. Serve sliced in a wrap with iceberg lettuce. 

Why not try seasoning anything you fancy. Ras el hanout is nothing if not versatile. You can rub it into bold-tasting fish like monkfish, or you can stir it into rice and couscous. Falafel mix gets some extra punch from ras el hanout, as does grilled lamb or chicken. You can stir it into yoghurt for a dip too.



Ras el hanout roughly translates to 'top of the shop' in Arabic. Because it was generally seen as the finest blend of spices available in a merchant's shop.

So the contents of this Moroccan blend can differ hugely, with anything from 10 to 80 ingredients.

North Africa used to be an important hub for spice traders going between Europe and Asia. This is probably why Moroccans used such a diverse number of spices in their food – they had a lot to choose from.


Supplier: The Spice Company

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