Cole & Mason Bouquet Garni


Eat our Bouquet Garni Blend with a soup or stew. Use it to add deep, aromatic flavours to anything cooked in a saucepan – beef stew or minestrone work especially well. Just remember to take it out before serving.

The longer a bouquet garni can soak in a dish, the fuller its flavour will be. Add to meat casseroles and Mediterranean dishes, then leave in a slow-cook pot for a few hours. Lamb casserole goes well with the full-bodied fragrance you get from a bouquet garni – especially with red wine and lamb stock. 



In the 1600s, the bouquet garni was an essential part of French cuisine's move from spicy medieval dishes to more diverse, delicately balanced flavours. It didn't catch on in England until the 1800s.

The bouquet garni can be endlessly adaptable to different cuisines. But the most common versions usually have thyme, parsley and bay leaves – sometimes also with rosemary and sage.

How it looks varies a lot too. Some people tie their bouquet together with string, others with cheesecloth. Some wrap them in bacon.


Supplier: The Spice Company

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