Chateau de Versailles Candle 400g Eaux de Rois

Chateau de Versailles Candle 400g Eaux de Rois


Eaux des Rois will delight you with its invigorating scents, particularly if you are lovers of modernity and perfumes like the Sun King.

Worked around the orange blossom, the favourite perfume of Louis XIV, who worshipped it so much he built his own orange grove on the grounds of the Château de Versailles®, this fragrant composition takes off on notes of petitgrain bigarade, that gives it all its green freshness, floral and sparkle. This zesty exuberance continues on notes of white honey and orange wood. Louis XIV’s passion for orange trees can be found in this scented candle, a true tribute to French refinement.


Chateau de Versailles is an exclusive range of uniquely scented candles launched by The Palace of Versailles, featuring fragrances developed by perfumer Cécile Zarokian and inspired by the world of Versailles. Fabulously evocative scents such as the spicy rose of Marie Antoinette, the old leather books of Louis XV’s library and the freshness of a shady alley in the heart of Royal Groves bring back memories of a by-gone era and the spirit of Versailles…

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