Archipelago Robin Wooden Sculpture

Archipelago Robin Wooden Sculpture


Robins are widely distributed throughout Britain and Ireland, and are said to be the gardeners friend, as they are tame enough to get very close to the gardener, watching the turned soil for insects, worms and other delicious treats. 

British Design and Innovation is at the very core of Archipelago, renowned for their beautiful wildlife wood carvings.  Each piece is hand carved and painted so every one is unique.

From the first sketches to the final product, the Archipelago design team work directly with FAIR TRADE skilled carvers and sculptors to carefully manage the entire creative process.

All products are made from sustainable wood, giving an authentic and highly individual character to every piece made which is instantly recognisable.

Each piece comes with the "Archipelago" TEAK TAG with logo and branding.

These stunning wood carvings make unique and wonderful gifts.

Size: 18cm high