Aerolatte Coffee Filter Papers No. 2 Size

Aerolatte Coffee Filter Papers No. 2 Size


As the trend of laboratory-style coffee continues to gather pace and more gadgets that help to achieve that ‘perfect’ aroma and flavour emerge, the role that is played by disposable filter papers is often underestimated. As they are integral in producing a ‘drip-style’ coffee that is smooth, sediment-free and without undesirable fats and oils, aerolatte’s Coffee Filter Papers can be relied upon to maximise the enjoyment of your favourite coffee. The virgin pulp that is used to make the papers contains no wood or recycled content, is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and is supplied from a responsible and sustainable certified forestry in Switzerland.

About aerolatte - the Incredibly Frothy Coffee Company 
aerolatte was established in 1999 in order to offer a solution for making perfect frothy milk - something that its founders didn’t believe was possible using steam-based machines. The company’s hand-held, battery-operated device, known as the ‘original steam-free milk frother’, was the first of its kind within the international market and revolutionised the way we enjoy cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate and milkshakes at home. 

Following the release of the widely-acclaimed chrome model, aerolatte focused on producing a range of frothers that were suitable for a wide array of customers. This included specific variations in materials, finishes, designs and packaging. 

In 2011, aerolatte made a conscious decision to expand into the ever-evolving world of home coffee. Since then the company has developed an innovative collection of products that are contemporary designs of traditional items. This includes French presses, espresso and moka pots, fully-automated electric frothing machines and a selection of practical accessories. 

Whatever the product, the objective of aerolatte remains the same: to allow the consumer to achieve professional results at home, simply and easily.