Aerolatte 3 Cup Cafetiere 350ml

Aerolatte 3 Cup Cafetiere 350ml


The aerolatte French Press/Cafetière - Natural, Flavoursome Coffee in Minutes! 
Released in 2014, the aerolatte French Press/Cafetière is perfect for those that enjoy the luxury of fresh, filter-style coffee at home. 

In order to avoid the age-old uncertainty over the quantity of coffee and water that should be added to a French Press/Cafetière, the device features a unique and highly practical measuring gauge on the outside of the glass beaker/carafe. This includes a specified level for the number of cups of coffee that are needed. The beaker/carafe is made from premium-quality borosilicate glass that will withstand extremes of temperature and won’t ever cloud or stain. 

The all-important plunger is carefully designed so that it produces a smooth and efficient motion, time after time. Three sets of 16 circular holes within the plunger plate enable this. The 18/10 stainless steel filter is highly robust and will tolerate daily usage. Both the primary and plunger handles are made from heat-resistant ABS plastic. A microfilter within the lid captures any excess coffee grounds that remain after plunging is complete. 

Unlike many other French Presses/Cafetières, the glass beaker/carafe of the aerolatte model is extremely easy to remove for cleaning after usage (either by hand or in the dishwasher). The elegant stainless steel frame was purposely shaped in order to accomplish this. 

As is standard with all aerolatte items, the French Press/Cafetière is guaranteed for a period of 2 years in accordance with the care and use instructions provided. For product-specific support, visit Spare/replacement glass beakers/carafes and filters can be purchased separately. 

The aerolatte French Press/Cafetière is available in 4 sizes: 
1) 3-Cup (350 ml). 
2) 5-Cup (600 ml). 
3) 7-Cup (800 ml). 
4) 8-Cup (1000 ml). 

Tips for Making Perfect Coffee with your aerolatte French Press/Cafetière 
1) Use coffee of a medium to coarse grind. 
2) Warm the beaker/carafe prior to adding the water. 
3) Use hot (but not boiling) water. 
4) Stir gently with a wooden spoon. 
5) Let the coffee brew for 3 minutes. 
6) Pour slowly into a pre-warmed cup. 

About aerolatte - the Incredibly Frothy Coffee Company 
aerolatte was established in 1999 in order to offer a solution for making perfect frothy milk - something that its founders didn’t believe was possible using steam-based machines. The company’s hand-held, battery-operated device, known as the ‘original steam-free milk frother’, was the first of its kind within the international market and revolutionised the way we enjoy cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate and milkshakes at home. 

Following the release of the widely-acclaimed chrome model, aerolatte focused on producing a range of frothers that were suitable for a wide array of customers. This included specific variations in materials, finishes, designs and packaging. 

In 2011, aerolatte made a conscious decision to expand into the ever-evolving world of home coffee. Since then the company has developed an innovative collection of products that are contemporary designs of traditional items. This includes French presses, espresso and moka pots, fully-automated electric frothing machines and a selection of practical accessories. 

Whatever the product, the objective of aerolatte remains the same: to allow the consumer to achieve professional results at home, simply and easily.

Box Contains
1 x aerolatte French Press/Cafetière, 3-Cup/350 ml