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The iconic stand mixer by KitchenAid has become a go-to hero product that no well kitted kitchen can be without. It's instantly recognisable the world over because of its sculptural shape and sleek lines. Designed first 100 years ago by Herbert Johnson it got its "ain't broke don't fix it" re-style in the 1930's and has never looked back!

We're proud to offer this wonderful brand; the cornerstone of which is the legendary Stand-Mixer because it's so useful. Not only are you going to have the lightest cake batters and whipped desserts- due to the 59 points of contact the direct drive motor provides to the bowl!!!- but also the adaptability of such a robust and hardworking machine. Using the front Power hub of the machine you can turn the stand mixer into a Food Processor, Sausage Maker, Pasta Machine, Spiralizer, and much much more- it's your own personal Sous chef always ready at your side to help you prepare delicious meals for all the family.

It's just so adaptable and dependable- we're told of one customer who loves theirs so much they took it on holiday- only for disaster to occur and the mixer fell from the counter- but it carried on working all the while-

Made from heavy duty die-cast metal and supplied with various options for "out of the box" use, there's a KitchenAid stand Mixer for everyone!They're rigorously tested before leaving the factory for a domestic equivalent of thirty years use! They're triple lubricated so that it'll stand up to a lifetime's labour and comes in a wonderful array of colours and finishes- polished Chrome anyone? Brushed Copper?... Majestic Yellow? No problem!

The Power Hub, the easy way to turn your mixer into practically every other appliance you need in the kitchen!

If you've only a tiny space for a stand mixer we can help there too! A couple of years ago Kitchenaid introduced the Mini Mixer- scaled down by 20 percent and 25% lighter it's a neat space saving "cousin"of the Artisan Stand Mixer with plenty of ooomph only taking up less work-top. Available in Matte Grey or Black they're something to consider if you don't have room to commit to the regular stand mixer but want one to make your food prep easier- the Power hub is compatible with the standard attachments too so you won't feel left out when you want to make pasta, or such.

KitchenAid not only provide us with these wonderful machines we also proudly carry their fantastic small appliances, so if you need a Blender, Food Processor, Kettle or Toaster we've got what you want! The new "Design" range is proving very popular with uber-stylish looks, dual-wall construction kettle and the "little longer" facility for the toaster it's a wonderful piece of kit that makes breakfast time that little bit more pleasureable!

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